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Deserted university June 3, 2009

Posted by Dengke in My Life, Surrealism.
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I went to uni to study again today. The sky was gray, and the campus was deserted except for the few people in the study area at the library. Going for lunch in the lunch area, there were more people, but it was still sparse, not like it was on uni days, where if you were not careful, people would squash you around.. People barely filled up the seats. I found a place to sit, close to the public TV, and ate by myself. A corny American soap droning on in the back ground. Then I left thinking of nothing in particular. Back through the almost empty campus and lawns, but for a couple sitting on one of the benches.

It felt like the university was a world in itself. An invisible sphere surrounding the buildings, seperating the outside with the inside. And that world seemed to be just a tad bit lonely.



1. melina - June 4, 2009

dw dengke
i may be coupled but i’m still feeling pretty lonely
its even worse cuz u know theres someone there who can keep u company but he doesnt want to
so its ok! we can be lonely together

2. Dengke - June 4, 2009

thanks melina
you were always my single friend
glad you can still be so even though you aren’t single no more. hah
hope everything in your life becomes rosy soon too

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