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Nara, Japan June 4, 2009

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A few days ago I received a letter from Aa-chan an Ojii-chan from Japan. It contained a letter along with photos from when we visited Nara together.

This was from when I visited Japan together with Alex and Tim at the start of this year.

Aa-chan was our host grandma. We called her Aa-chan because she insisted us not call her Obaa-chan. Ojii-chan is Ojii-chan, he was our host grandpa.

Nara was one of the most beautiful places that I have ever seen. The sky was such a deep blue that you felt like you could just embrace it. It felt like if you dropped a rock into the sky, you would see it ripple like in a still spring. It was so open, with nothing to get in its way. There were a few mountains, but they were low and unobtrusive. There were trees, but they did not clutter up the scenery at all. They just fit in.

There were deer in the park, and we fed them biscuits. In fact, we got chased half way down the road because the deer wanted more. One followed us all the way in to the temple, so we had to run back to try and lead it out. Lots of little kids had little deer pully toys, and I enjoyed watching them tottering ahead and pulling them along.

The three at Nara 2

These photo really surprised me. Looking at us from another perspective – one that I could never have seen before if Aa-chan or Ojii-chan had not taken it – is that we look like we are having alot of fun. Everything’s just simple, three guys together, on a trip, enjoying themselves.

The three at Nara

Despite other things, perhaps we did have fun.



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