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Re: Girls are stupid June 26, 2009

Posted by Dengke in めちゃ めちゃ むかつく, Minor amusements, My Life.
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girls are stupid facebook

amber{rose} says:
boys are stupid
Dengke says:
no girls are >_>
*no, girls are >_>
amber{rose} says:
no, boys are
Dengke says:
girls, obviously >_>
amber{rose} says:
hrm okay, what makes you say that
Dengke says:
they just are

day says:
dont say that!!!1
we would only be able to chose from men gross
Dengke says:
loll. thats true at least ._.

Doug says:
you’re an idiot
without girls, how would you come  smile
Dengke says:
oh =_=



1. amber{rose} - June 29, 2009

but why, dammit

Dengke - July 30, 2009

ahh.. actually that spawned off because of a friend that just doesn’t bother. She doesn’t bother to keep in touch or anything. It’s like she doesn’t care. No effort is put in (well, maybe there is some effort, but it’s not effort i can really see) I need people to give a damn. I was extremely annoyed and a little depressed that night I posted that stuff.
It was amusing to see the replies however.

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