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Blurry Photos July 3, 2009

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It’s been over a month since Aya’s grandarents sent us the photos from back in Japan, so tonight I was looking through some that I could print off and send to them as well.

In the folder where I rarely looked, were the photos that brought back a rush of memories and feelings.  As if by time warp, the starry night swirled, and I was transported back to the places that I’ve been, breathing in the atmosphere that I’ve seen.

And I was back. In front of the Yaki-pan nightstall at Asakusa Tera. Bright lights dazzled my eyes. I blinked, slightly disorientated.

Asakusa Night Stalls

I snapped this photo of the night restaurants as we left the food stall area, knowing it'd become I good memory.

In my hands were a packet of the Yaki-pan (which is what I call it now, since I’m not even sure of it’s actual name). At the time I think we bough it, half because we thought the girl working at the stall was cute.

Yaki-pan girl

A snap of the Yaki-pan and the girl. Tim took this photo I think, because I remember him saying "I got the girl in the pic too *wink*". Think I maybe imagined the wink.

We were on our way out of the temple after spending the whole day looking through the souvenier stalls. The night was getting dark so we were on our way out. Tim and Alex in front. Tim on the left, Alex on the right. The lights shone ever so bright.

On the way out

Night stalls lined the sides as we walked out.

I must’ve been dawdling, because they turned back to me to see if I was still there.

And they looked back

And they looked back.

Tim called me, as Alex finished talking. And then we continued walking.



And walking…

Glance to the side

Glance to the side.

I diverted my attention to the stores on the side.

And finally we were out.

Outside Asakusa

Outside Asakusa

The scene began to turn ever so sharp. The world was no longer blurry.

I was back in my seat, staring a the screen. It was the end of a dream.

I personally love blurry photos, ones that hold no fake poses, that didn’t turn out perfectly, because the hold the real charm of an experience. No one poses all the time in real life. You feel like you are there.

Which is why I also like taking photos of people, even if its just their backs. Because that’s really what I saw when I was there. It’s those kind of things I want to remember.

[~ Japan ’08-09]



1. melina - July 24, 2009

japan ❤ =)cheer up
friends accept friends as who they are =)
dont get to down, things turn out in the end. everything turns out in the end.

Dengke - July 30, 2009

“everything turns out in the end” that’s a nice thought. i wonder if that’s true, but we can always hope.
i s2 japan too 🙂

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