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Let’s drink sake August 12, 2009

Posted by Dengke in Depressed.
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I realize I have no close friends, and I think of this as I open my last can of sake I’d saved up from Japan.

I feel a bit down, so I think I should drink sake. Sake makes things better, sake brings me back to Japan.

I savored the drink for a minute, and let the cool liquid flow down my throat and warm me up. It was nice at the start, but now, halfway through the 180ml can,  it’s getting all bitter. I didn’t expect to drink so much as I have already. I guess I might as well drink the rest. I’m feeling the effects already though: I feel a little wobbly, and my eyes feel funny – but then again, maybe that’s because of my lack of sleep. If it is the alcohol though, then I’m pretty weak – it’s only 15% alcohol after all.

I continue to drink, 3/4 of the way down.

I tilt my head back and drink the last gulp. I feel so out of it now. I’m in a conversation with new thao, but I think I’m barely responding. I put a hand to my head and the touch of my hand feels foreign.

Alcohol is good. It makes you go out of your mind, out of your life. To not care about things is good.

I drink some more, and cough on the alcohol as it goes down my throat. Sad.

It tastes so bitter now and so awful, far worse then beer. But I keep drinking. Memories of cheap japanese hotels and close friends float through my head as I close my eyes.

Last bit of drink, but I feel so light headed. I wonder if this will help me sleep.

Now I’m just rocking my head from side to side because it’s just so fun.

Wow. 20 minutes in, I’m so completely out of it. I wonder how my brain is still functioning.

My fingers feel numb, and my head is moving around on its own.

Let me be like this just a bit longer…



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