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In memory of Kristy April 7, 2010

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While procrastinating from study I joined in with my brother who was watching the sponge bob movie next to me. As the yellow sponge talked, state of melancholy drifted on to me and a memory forgotten drew itself into the front of my mind. Kristy. Kristy had liked sponge bob.

Kristy was a friend that had passed away 3 years ago. She was not a close friend, because we barely had a chance to hang out, but she was a very like-able one. I liked her, that was for sure. She was always so friendly, and tried hard to talk to you. Like you were important to her.  Maybe every single one of us (her friends) truly were. We would talk about all sorts of nonsense as adolescents: guys, girls, that kind of stuff. And it was fun and exciting getting to know her. I think we could have become good friends. But we never had the chance.

Kristy commited suicide early one morning in July 2007, she walked in front of a running train at Ringwood station.

She had been suffering from depression, and no one knew the true depth of it until it was too late.

During the few weeks after I heard the news, I was in a state of melancholy. I felt  calm but with a real sense of regret. And all the time the question “Why?” would pop in to my head. It was such a shame, such a waste of a life.

I went to her funeral on a winter afternoon. All her classmates, friends and relatives had gathered. I haven’t once been to her grave yet. But I think I should at least go this year.

After remembering Kristy, I realize that in the past year and a half of my life, I had become selfish. Always inward looking, only thinking of myself, and trying to get people to like me. But remembering Kristy and how much she appreciated those around her has made me realize how shallow I’ve become. I have to do my best and think more of those around me and not just of myself.  I want to do something for my friends that they would value, do something that they would really appreciate. Like how I just appreciated Kristy taking her time to talk to me. I had forgotten about those days where I would wake up and look forward to doing something good.

If there really is a heaven, and you’re up there Kristy, thank you for still affecting me and teaching me to be a better guy. I’m sure that I, as well as your other many friends still remember you, and we all still love you a lot Krispy Kristy.

Kristy was a fan of myspace and I managed to find her profile again today. She’s meant to be 21 this year.  http://www.myspace.com/87098417

Here’s her msn space if anyone was interested in seeing the kind of awesome cool girl that Kristy was. It’s ironic how her last entry goes. http://hott4roddick.spaces.live.com/



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