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Friday night alone at home July 23, 2010

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Oh goody, I’m tipsy again after just one drink alone at home. It feels kind of good to be tipsy. I wish people were around me right now for me to laugh with though ): I wish I were drinking with someone right now. Friday nights alone at home suck ):

Maybe it wouldn’t suck so much if something paranormal happened. Hmm…

Now I want to do some drunken exercise. Leg ups would be nice.


Mindbloom July 23, 2010

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Today I found an interesting facebook app. It’s called mindbloom and it is a “game” that promotes a balanced life style. Users are given a sapling that starts with 3 branches. These branches are based off the areas in your life that you would like to work on. The app has you do tasks to grow your tree.


I like this app because its simple charming graphics, and the way in which it helps improve users lives.

The tasks, although simple, get you away from your usual daily routine, and gets you in to really thinking about your lifestyle, health, relationships, career, wealth, or whatever other category that you chose to work on.

For me, I have chosen to “Take some time off everyday to unplug and relax”, “Create a list of things I want to try in my life” and “Make time to let my closest friends know how much I appreciate them”.

In my opinion mindbloom is an innovative way to get users to try new things, things that are not necessarily incredibly profound, but are the little simple things that fill up a life and make it special and meaningful.

x) July 20, 2010

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Ahh Melina. You are awesome and make my day.