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In memory of Kristy April 7, 2010

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While procrastinating from study I joined in with my brother who was watching the sponge bob movie next to me. As the yellow sponge talked, state of melancholy drifted on to me and a memory forgotten drew itself into the front of my mind. Kristy. Kristy had liked sponge bob.

Kristy was a friend that had passed away 3 years ago. She was not a close friend, because we barely had a chance to hang out, but she was a very like-able one. I liked her, that was for sure. She was always so friendly, and tried hard to talk to you. Like you were important to her.  Maybe every single one of us (her friends) truly were. We would talk about all sorts of nonsense as adolescents: guys, girls, that kind of stuff. And it was fun and exciting getting to know her. I think we could have become good friends. But we never had the chance.

Kristy commited suicide early one morning in July 2007, she walked in front of a running train at Ringwood station.

She had been suffering from depression, and no one knew the true depth of it until it was too late. (more…)