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9/04/2010 April 9, 2010

Posted by Dengke in At home.
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So dad accused me of playing games on the net again when I wasn’t. So I stormed out of the house to buy lunch instead of eating food that he was going to cook. My hair was all frizzy and in a mess from my shower, and the clothes that I wore were awful: an old white v-neck shirt that sat funny, a 3 year old faded zip-up hoody, tracksuit pants that I’ve had since year 12 that are still two sizes too big for me, and a pair of horribly patterned slip-on shoes that were, however, the most comfortable things ever.

The point of me telling you all this? It felt so good being able to walk out of the house without the need to bother with my appearances. And the girl at subway was still nice to me.

I even had a chance to savor the comfort of the footpath under my feet, and the slight tingle of the sun on my skin as I walked around.

Then I ended up going to safeway and buying a 6 pack of V before heading home.

Fun stuffs.