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Feeling safe back at the roots with Michelle Phan October 17, 2010

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I was flipping through some of Michelle Phan’s old youtube videos and came across her Paper Bag Curls Tutorial.

It was nice watching her old videos like this again. Seeing the roots where she came from. Having been a subscriber since near the time she first started making vids, this video held some nostalgia to it. I often watch her vids just for something familiar because it makes me feel comforted and safe. It’s like, while everything in the world becomes scary and changes there is one thing that doesn’t, and stays static. One place filled with happy memories that you can always return to even if the world outside becomes too rough. (I have also experienced this with reading long lasting friend’s blogs).

I remember back in the past when I talked to one of my friends, May, about make up tips, and we found it funny that we both knew the business name card mascara trick.

In the end though things do change, and so does Michelle Phan. The feelings of those times don’t quite transfer to her new videos, but I guess that could just be because they are new.

And where did her cute little bunny go? I heard that it passed away ): I also wish she would keep making videos for her RiceBunny channel.

She’s still a great guru though.