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Let’s drink sake August 12, 2009

Posted by Dengke in Depressed.
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I realize I have no close friends, and I think of this as I open my last can of sake I’d saved up from Japan.

I feel a bit down, so I think I should drink sake. Sake makes things better, sake brings me back to Japan.

I savored the drink for a minute, and let the cool liquid flow down my throat and warm me up. It was nice at the start, but now, halfway through the 180ml can,  it’s getting all bitter. I didn’t expect to drink so much as I have already. I guess I might as well drink the rest. I’m feeling the effects already though: I feel a little wobbly, and my eyes feel funny – but then again, maybe that’s because of my lack of sleep. If it is the alcohol though, then I’m pretty weak – it’s only 15% alcohol after all.

I continue to drink, 3/4 of the way down. (more…)