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Re: Girls are stupid June 26, 2009

Posted by Dengke in めちゃ めちゃ むかつく, Minor amusements, My Life.
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girls are stupid facebook

amber{rose} says:
boys are stupid
Dengke says:
no girls are >_>
*no, girls are >_>
amber{rose} says:
no, boys are
Dengke says:
girls, obviously >_>
amber{rose} says:
hrm okay, what makes you say that
Dengke says:
they just are

day says:
dont say that!!!1
we would only be able to chose from men gross
Dengke says:
loll. thats true at least ._.

Doug says:
you’re an idiot
without girls, how would you come  smile
Dengke says:
oh =_=